will you marry me

daphne guiness by bryan adams for zoo
she's my icon nr 1

j'adore francois sagat

just adore francois sagat. he is the ultimate super hot porn star. i'm crazy about his scalp tattoo and of course francais...oh oui oui oui je suis ton enclave.
he's done jeremy scott, bruce labruce, bernhard willhelm and what not.


pictures via  fsagat; francoissagat (both very NSFW!) and rantersparadise


dark angel

jörg peroutka by patricia weisskirchner as dark angel


pictures via: homotography


ready to sweat for givenchy men ss11 accessories

the perfect accessories for a lovely summer cocktail soiree! i totally imagine feeling the sweat under the leather mask and cold from the metal necklace of givenchy's men ss11 accessories collection.

pictures from: fucking young!

ilya's horse

i'm green with envy for those who had chance to see fleet ilya's restraint exhibition and pop-up shop in devon this week-end. amazing collection of leather harnesses and harness inspired bags, accessories and even a lamp (oh, i crave the bags so much right now). and the HORSE!  an enormous leather layered horse statue which i would definitely adopt as my new pet...although i guess my dog would still outrival it...  

thanks for the insight and pictures to style bubble

some more fantastic pieces from fleet ilya:

luxury pleasures

adorable jacobo munoz has designed luxury sex toys inspired by the theme of genesis. seven objects of exquisite materials for each day of the week. and boy it's not just a simple sex toy. every single detail, inspiration, the colour, the material represent biblical references and symbolism.

oh dear santa, please send me the whip with human hair..i've been a bad boy..

check out also his vagina chair and negras intenciones knives  here

candle: white beeswax, base: polished silver

dildo: glass, 23 carat gold
necklace: silver, pink gold, rooster feathers

whip: human hair, carrara marble

pictures from: coroflot.com/jacobo


kinbaku strap

kitanya design factory's kinbaku straps are just adorable. no wonder they are always sold out and unavailable. this would have made perfect x-mas gifts for my colleagues and family in order to make them even more terrified by me. if only japan was a tiny bit closer. damn i urgently need to acquire my own japanese slave! though i would slave myself for the pendants.

pictures from: teltelland

marc jacobs for industrie

cannot not share this: beautiful marc jacobs in drag for industrie cover
how amazing is this? the colours, make-up and hair are just perfect

picture from: bryanboy


i'm obsessed with an online german latex shop blackstyle.de

their website is über-simple and formal. the font, the colours and the pictures. even the text which says for example: "latex for ladies" or "latex for gentlemen". it feels like you are shopping for a washing machine or vicodin. makes me crazy. i remember having similar sensation when i was younger browsing through my dad's home improvement catalogues with dirty-faced and blond-haired models holding their circular saw kits.

oh and you can find anything latex there. fancy latex sleep sack for your camping or a dog mask with slave collar for your romantic week-end getaway? i'm definitely having the mask..sans the romantic week-end..

 pictures from: blackstyle.de



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