it's a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon, i have crawled all the way from the bed to the shower, got myself and my hangover face together and now ready steady to go get locked in a cage. anyhow while i'm waiting for my mr corrections officer, I must share this fascinating and tantalizing accessory collection houdini by a german accessory label carni. i would definitely not want to try to escape from these. and i CRAVE the epaulets!


oh and oh

japanese always take one step further. i came across this photo shoot on my facebook and so fell in love with the story and latex costumes. i'm totally mainstream so i've always been imagining myself dress up in those black latex horse costumes or as a bunny at best. but hell i want to be a poodle now!

via website in japanese which i suppose is some social networking thing http://ameblo.jp/saeborg


random wednesday aphrodisiac in form of yu tsai shot for contributor magazine tribute to robert mapplethorpe
via homotography