it's a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon, i have crawled all the way from the bed to the shower, got myself and my hangover face together and now ready steady to go get locked in a cage. anyhow while i'm waiting for my mr corrections officer, I must share this fascinating and tantalizing accessory collection houdini by a german accessory label carni. i would definitely not want to try to escape from these. and i CRAVE the epaulets!


oh and oh

japanese always take one step further. i came across this photo shoot on my facebook and so fell in love with the story and latex costumes. i'm totally mainstream so i've always been imagining myself dress up in those black latex horse costumes or as a bunny at best. but hell i want to be a poodle now!

via website in japanese which i suppose is some social networking thing http://ameblo.jp/saeborg


random wednesday aphrodisiac in form of yu tsai shot for contributor magazine tribute to robert mapplethorpe
via homotography



have an extremely erotic saturday evening!



this is just plain gorgeous! "fuck off" shot by sabine villiard for dealer de lux magazine issue #24. these beautiful masks in the shoot are created by a finnish shoe designer minna parikka. goody good at least someone's within my reach

images via coute que coute


i'm always thinking that i should pimp out my dog also and stop investing in my own embellishments which are giving no results. probably some random sex spells would work as fine. anyhow on this lovely monday i have some lovely images by gary card painted for re-bel magazine as an inspiration for dressing up your pets (i mean animal)

images via garycardiology.blogspot.com



feels that 3-d is going to be like a massive artistic phenomenon. i just watched the trailer for wim wender's latest 3-d movie pina which will be released next week in germany. it totally turns me on and i cannot wait to see it. another 3-d turn-on is the issue #17 of nyc art zine spank with cover story shoot by jason rodgers featuring the beautiful harnesses by zana bayne

images via jasonrodgersphoto.blogspot.com



i love the hats and harness-like back packs from asger juel larsen's fw 11/12 menswear collection


big love

supplementaire #4 big love issue is amazing. it is just oozing domination, sexuality, submission, fetish and all the the loves of my life.

images and full issue via supplementaire


la petite mort

i'm back! been away for so long slaving to the wage. it is -20°C outside and i kind of love it. constant brain freeze. but i love everything today. have you seen the new amazing slick it up commercials directed by tim palen? another j'adore for me. paris is my favourite of course as i love love paris so much. and i came to realize it is la petite mort they are talking about in "to see paris and die"

enjoy the rest via slickitup.com



oh those dirty germans. i do adore them so deeply. and of course the beautiful
una burke harness

derzeit via coutequecoute.blogspot.com



beautiful images by japanese bondage rope artist hajime kinoko



so i was in vietnam the other week. well not much of bondage going on there.. or i did not know where to look..or my sunburnt swollen eyes were unable to focus on any signs or indications. though i did like this socialist homoerotic ad. especially this uber sexy guy with moustache on the bottle of whatever that is.



if i see another "fashion photograph" with flowers in the mouth i'm gonna vomit


graceful kristin scott thomas by max farago in double magazine

via fashiontography.blogspot.com


sticky and loose

brian shimansky and eva padberg by armin morbach in cosmopolitan..german of course

via homotography


hunny bunny

i totally forgot that this is the year of the rabbit. and carrots are not on my mind. although...
i'm surely getting prepared for the big old dirty wolf to come. my dear sweetie could lend her doghouse for a few weeks and i do remember having some collars and chains tucked in somewhere.

the lovely white bunny hood is available via stockroom.com and the beautiful tom banwell black rabbit mask via etsy.

jessica joslin via j_naturalia; geoff cordner via geoffcordner.tumblr.com james stiles via jamesstilesphoto.com; petorly petorly via behance; bal masque by mert&marcus vogue paris oct'10 via tombanwell.blogspot.com/