oh those dirty germans. i do adore them so deeply. and of course the beautiful
una burke harness

derzeit via coutequecoute.blogspot.com



beautiful images by japanese bondage rope artist hajime kinoko



so i was in vietnam the other week. well not much of bondage going on there.. or i did not know where to look..or my sunburnt swollen eyes were unable to focus on any signs or indications. though i did like this socialist homoerotic ad. especially this uber sexy guy with moustache on the bottle of whatever that is.



if i see another "fashion photograph" with flowers in the mouth i'm gonna vomit


graceful kristin scott thomas by max farago in double magazine

via fashiontography.blogspot.com


sticky and loose

brian shimansky and eva padberg by armin morbach in cosmopolitan..german of course

via homotography


hunny bunny

i totally forgot that this is the year of the rabbit. and carrots are not on my mind. although...
i'm surely getting prepared for the big old dirty wolf to come. my dear sweetie could lend her doghouse for a few weeks and i do remember having some collars and chains tucked in somewhere.

the lovely white bunny hood is available via stockroom.com and the beautiful tom banwell black rabbit mask via etsy.

jessica joslin via j_naturalia; geoff cordner via geoffcordner.tumblr.com james stiles via jamesstilesphoto.com; petorly petorly via behance; bal masque by mert&marcus vogue paris oct'10 via tombanwell.blogspot.com/


end of the world

so this time there was no end of the world thing going on last night right? or did i miss something? anyhow i heard the judgement day is coming soon. may it was to be precise. so i reckon i could blow my savings on some lovely items like incoqnito accessories. i do feel that i'm in utter need of the razor. it's almost an emergency situation again you know. and the necktie leash! and ahmm... well i do appreciate donations

images via incoqnito.com